Welcome to Montclair Beauty Blogger!  My Blog is for anyone no matter what age or gender. It is about inspiring others to look, and feel beautiful every day. Check in weekly/monthly for new products, styles, stores, and anything beautiful that I will be discovering within our community. Thank you for stopping by, look forward to sharing with you all!



A Brief History

          It all started when one night I kept wondering what else can I do to feel creative and inspired. I was sitting on the couch watching Netflix feeling moved by other peoples creativity, but what could I do to inspire others. Then I found myself on Pinterest, Facebook, and finally Instagram. I was researching what new products/style/shop I wanted to try. I knew that feeling beautiful for me is one way for me to feel motivated to be creative and to get out in the world to discover new things . Then it dawned upon me, If can just share with others what makes me feel good then why can't I create a place where people can come with just one click. To see first hand what product, style, and shop that has inspired me. I want to make others feel good and look good all within a wonderful community that we live in.